Olive tree house

The story of our olive tree house

The plans for our olive tree house started in the summer of 2017. During our umpteenth beautiful holiday in beautiful Portugal,

our plans for a bed & breakfast developed. We then stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast in northern Portugal. It was a very simple,

informal bed & breakfast. Then the idea occurred to us that this was also a lot of fun. And so our bed & breakfast dream began.

The helm in our head completely changed. From a busy office job to running a bed & breakfast. How nice is that? Very nice!

we found it

After much searching on the internet, ideal medium, we visited a few potential suitable properties in March 2018.

The olive tree house was also one of the candidates. We found this a top location for our bed & breakfast.

It was largely renovated and intended as a bed & breakfast. It originally consisted of two houses that have now been merged.

One side will be our home and the other side will be the bed & breakfast part. The guest part consists of two floors;

ground floor with 1 room and on the first floor three rooms next to each other. These are connected by a common wide balcony.

Moreover with a beautiful view over the hills of the beautiful village of Olival.

All this located in the wonderfully relaxed village of Olival. The name for the bed & breakfast was quickly changed: Casa d’Oliveiral (olive tree house),

how nice is that? How do we get that name? Three guesses ….. indeed because we have a garden with many olive trees.

Also because the village is called Olival (olive grove).


Renovation Casa d’Oliveiral

The renovation and furnishing of Casa d’Oliveiral is now in full swing. The guest terrace has since been refurbished.

So that you can enjoy the sun all day long. Our own terrace has also had a great facelift. Because of course we also want to enjoy the Portuguese sun.

We are also busy preparing the three remaining rooms. The rooms; Oliveiral, Musica and Rustica.

Boavista room is now ready and has already been tested and approved by friends. The fencing on the first floor will soon undergo a metamorphosis.

There will be a nice tight metal fence, specially made to our wishes and placed. You understand, we do our utmost to be able to open our doors in 1 June.

What you can find

For those who want to combine tranquility, nature and culture in their vacation, Casa d’Oliveiral is the perfect place to be.

Staying in the olive tree house … who doesn’t want this? Casa d’Oliveiral bed and breakfast is centrally located between Lisbon and Porto,

a 90-minute drive away. Are you curious about the result of our hard work? Then come visit us and book a room at Casa d’Oliveiral! You are welcome!

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