Visit Tomar:

There are several historic towns in the area surrounding the Casa d’Oliveiral. Like Tomar, this city is located in the heart of the country of Portugal. It is a picturesque town, wedged between wooden hills. Tomar is best known for the Convento de Christo, the templars’ Castle. This is the place where the templars had their power base. Tomar is proud of his past and everything breathes the templar past. It is full of memories of this knighty order. Really worth a visit.

Market of Tomar

There is also a market every friday. Ornate market stalls with home grown or made products from the country. These are sometimes sold by old, crooked females, sitting on a stool, or simply on the floor. Everything is arranged by product in different sectors.

You will find the round, creamy cheeses on a separate square a little further away. Beds and other furniture are also on display. The fish market is displayed in a covered hall, and there is a lot of choice. In short; you look your eyes out……

Visit Coimbra:

Here you will find a well-preserved old center, where you can wander wonderfully. Afther the moors were driven from Portugal,

Afonso Hendriques named the city to the capital of Portugal. You will find his domicile at the top of the hill. The same Afonso is buried in Coimbra. A beautiful, impressive  university emerged in Coimbra in 1290, wich is still functional today. This was commissioned by Afonso’s rear-grandson, King Dinis.

The richly decorated library is also worth a visit. It was built somewhere between 1717 and 1728 and is still functional. You will find over 300.000 books there and the oldest book dates from 1523. Even without this beautiful university., it is a nice city to stay. There is much to see and experience in Coimbra. .For example, you could end your day in Coimbra with a Fado performance. We are happy to inform you about this.

More information about the area you find  here

Visit wine tasting and museum olive press.


Casa d’Oliveiral can organize an experience for you at Adega Encosta da Crieveira. You will visit their vineyard and winery. There used to be an olive press on the site of the winary that was used by the family and where olives were pressed for the people in the area. Now they have turned it into a museum, wich can then also be viewed. This experience is concluded with a wine tasting and a tasting of cheese from the nearby town of Rabacal. And if you ate or drink something that you really like, you can buy it here. Let us know if we can organize it for you.

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